WESTPORT — In an effort to ease the flow of traffic in town two “No Turn on Red” signs are expected to be removed.

The town has been given permission from the state at town-owned intersections located at Main Street, Myrtle Avenue and Kings Highway North and Main Street, Avery Place and Parker Harding to remove the signs.

The Office of State Traffic Administration, which has the authority and responsibility to review these requests, has indicated that it will grant permission for Westport to eliminate those signs once appropriate paperwork has been received.

The signs will be removed by the Public Works Department staff as soon as final approval is granted.

“I appreciate the State Traffic Administration’s response to our request to eliminate those signs” First Selectman Jim Marpe said in a statement Thursday. “It is anticipated that their removal will aid in the flow of traffic and help alleviate some of the congestion currently experienced at those intersections.”