GOP chief: Haskell abusing funds

WESTPORT — State Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano has filed an election complaint against Democrat Will Haskell, the 22-year-old challenging Republican Toni Boucher for her state Senate seat representing Westport, alleging Haskell has misused campaign funds by paying his roommate.

“There’s a simple answer that may not have occurred to Mr. Romano, and that is that my roommate, Jack Lynch, is my campaign manager,” Haskell said in a statement. “Jack is compensated for his work on the campaign, and we both pay rent. Sen. Boucher and Chairman Romano are welcome to stop by any time to visit Jack and me.”

Haskell called the complaint, “a pretty obvious attempt to avoid talking about improving our infrastructure, solving our pension crisis, keeping our students safe, or any of the other issues that matter to the 26th District.”

Romano accused Haskell of paying his roommate the equivalent salary of the listed rent on their apartment, about $1,100, and called it an abuse of CEP money.