A new cellphone antenna would be appended to an existing 35-foot-tall utility pole on Compo Beach Road under a proposal designed to improve service in the beach area.

The antenna, its mounting arm and related equipment would be 24 feet off the ground and attached to the side of the pole, according to a description provided by town officials, who released details of the plan for residents interested in commenting on the application.

The proposal has been filed by Cellco Partnership and its affiliates, doing business as Verizon Wireless.

Officials emphasized that, if approved, the antenna would not be attached to the top of the 35-foot utility pole.

The pole is within the boundaries of the Compo/Owenoke Park National Register District. In compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act, Verizon must seek public comments to evaluate the impact the proposed equipment might have on the district.

To facilitate gathering comments, First Selectman Jim Marpe’s office asked the Historic District Commission to include the proposal on the agenda for its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Town Hall. Public comments will be accepted during the session.

Marpe, in releasing details of the project, acknowledged in a statement: “As many are aware, and of particular concern for those who live there, cellphone coverage in the Compo Beach area has always been very weak.

Rather than installing 150-foot towers that have a long range, but are visually disruptive to neighborhoods, installing this type of low-rise, small-scale, local antenna is the solution we have been encouraging wireless service providers to seek. It is likely that we will see more of these ‘micro antennas’ installed in other areas in town that currently experience weak wireless signal coverage.

“This appears to be a generally unobtrusive solution to the problem of providing cellphone coverage in many under-serviced neighborhoods,” Marpe added. “Nevertheless, I want Westporters to have the opportunity to comment on this alternative.”

Written comments regarding the antenna’s potential impact on the historic district to can be sent to: Vanasse, Hangen, Brustlin Inc.; attention: Coreen Kelsey, 100 Great Meadow Road, Suite 200, Wethersfield CT 06109.

Questions or requests for more information about the proposed project may be submitted via email to ckelsey@vhb.comor or by calling 860-807-4306.