The "New Yorker Family Reunion Panel," featuring -- for the first time ever in a public forum -- the adult children of many of the Westport area New Yorker magazine artists and their art editor, will be held Saturday, April 12 at the Westport Historical Society.

Participants for the 2 p.m. panel will include the grown children of artists Alice Harvey, Perry Barlow, Art Editor James Geraghty, Edna Eicke, Arthur Getz and Whitney Darrow. The panel accompanies an Historical Society exhibit of cartoons by the many Westport area artists who worked for the New Yorker magazine. A reception for the panelists and attendees will follow the event.

The cost for the event at the Westport Historical Society, 25 Avery Place, is $20 and seating is limited. Call 203-222-1424 to reserve a seat.