The newly elected members of the Planning and Zoning Commission -- Chip Stephens, Cathy Walsh, Jack Whittle and Al Gratrix -- want to thank voters for your support, trust and faith in our campaign promise to you that we will do our very best to preserve Westport for you and generations to come.

We hope to deliver a more transparent and interactive commission that will listen to you, the citizens of Westport, and your concerns and suggestions. We want your voices to be heard, and we will abide by the plans, rules and town regulations that have served us so well in maintaining the charm and vision of Westport, and we will apply these rules and regulations fairly and even-handedly to all who come before us.

Thank you Save Westport Now for your endorsement, thank you Republican Town Committee for your endorsement, thank you to all that came out and voted -- Republican, Democrat and Independent -- and thank you to all that are leaving their positions on the P&Z for your service and dedication.

We four will do our best to uphold our pledge to preserve Westport. We promise to listen and consider all proposals brought to us over the next four years and to judge each application with an open mind and fair hand. We will do our best to understand the wishes of those that elected us and will welcome any and all suggestions. Please join us at the meetings live or on cable, please keep us real and on track with your opinions via email or in person.

We will do our best to make your decision one you will never regret.

Chip Stephens

Cathy Walsh

Jack Whittle

Al Gratrix