Two New York men are facing larceny charges stemming from an incident Friday afternoon at a downtown store.

Joel Toro-Pagan, 25, of Manhattan, N.Y., and Michael Gomez, 32, of Corona, N.Y. were each charged with sixth-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit sixth-degree larceny and possession of shoplifting devices.

Police saw two individuals "acting suspiciously in the downtown area," according to the police report, and kept the men under surveillance.

Officers saw the men walk into a parking lot, according to the report, and one of them was carrying a large amount of clothing concealed under his jacket.

The men got in a car and drove away, but they were later stopped by officers.

"Observed in plain view in the rear of the vehicle was clothing from a local store and security sensors which had been cut and lying on the floor," according to the report. "The vehicle occupants could not provide receipts for the clothing and it was later confirmed as stolen merchandise from a downtown store." The store was not identified by police.

Total amount of the stolen merchandise was $434.64.

In addition to stolen merchandise, the men had wire cutters, and magnets in their possession. These are tools commonly used to defeat electronic security measures, the report said.

Bond for each man was $2,500 and they are scheduled to appear March 23 at state Superior Court in Norwalk.