WESTPORT — A New York man, who allegedly stole and returned a sweater at an upscale Westport boutique in 2015, was arrested for the crime last week.

Police said the security manager of Mitchells, located at 670 Post Road East, reported a theft to police in January 2015. The employee reported a man had entered the store on the afternoon of Jan. 19, 2015 without any merchandise, then returned a sweater valued at $955.99 with no receipt. The man allegedly picked out $711.88 of clothing in exchange and received a $244.11 credit for the value of the stolen sweater, according to police.

The next month, police again responded to Mitchells based on a report the same man entered the store and might shoplift again. Officers identified the man as Richard Becker and said he admitted to returning the sweater he hadn’t paid for, police said.

Westport Police secured a warrant for his arrest and two years later picked him up from the Newtown Police Department.

On June 8, Westport Police charged Becker, of Martha Place in Chappaqua, N.Y., with fifth-degree larceny. The 52-year-old has a court date of June 19 and was released on a $500 cash bond, police said.