WESTPORT — Additional charges have been filed against a New York City man who allegedly left decapitated chickens at a Westport home.

Throughout March and April, four packages containing headless chickens were left in the yard of a Franklin Street residence overnight, police said.

On April 12 around 11:30 p.m., police say the resident reported a suspect dropped a bag that contained two decapitated chickens and one white pigeon on the property. The suspect, identified as 48-year-old Ajamu Obataiye, was located by police at the Saugatuck Train Station and taken into custody.

Obataiye was brought to police headquarters, where he was charged with breach of peace, cruelty to animals, and illegal dumping relating to the single incident. He was released after posting $7,500 bond.

Investigators later submitted an arrest warrant for Obataiye for the four previous incidents, which was approved.

On May 14, Obataiye was arrested at state Superior Court in Norwalk on the outstanding warrant and transported to Westport police headquarters. He was charged with four counts of breach of peace and four counts of littering or dumping.

Obataiye was unable to post the $75,000 bond and was brought to court the following morning for arraignment.