As Westport voters prepare to head to the polls tomorrow, the latest available reports on campaign contributions collected by this year's two first selectmen candidates found Republican Jim Marpe raised a total of $100,796, compared to $62,123 raised by Democrat Helen Garten.

That was according to campaign reports filed this week in the Town Clerk's office.

For the period from Oct. 1 to Oct. 27 -- the last filing by both candidates -- Marpe raised $19,949 from several dozen contributors, the majority of them Westport residents.

Garten, during that same time, raised $9,418 from 26 contributors, 19 of them from Westport.

During that period, Marpe's campaign spent $18,320, leaving a balance of $45,747, while Garten spent $36,260, leaving a balance of $15,777.

-- Anne Amato