WESTPORT— A notice of intent to sue the town over an incident at Longshore Golf Course was filed by a man after he was injured on the property.

Attorneys from the firm Eddy & Associates, on behalf of their client Justin King, claim that on June 15 at 12:30 p.m., King met a friend to play golf at Longshore and tripped as he walked down the steps to the starter shack. He "...fell due to a large defect at the bottom of the last step,” according to the letter.

The notice describes that King tripped and injured his ankle on the bottom of the last step where there is, allegedly, a large rectangular piece of pavement missing. It also maintains that King is now unable to walk without assistance.

The letter states because the town did not post any signs, warning of the existing conditions, that Westport should be deemed negligent of King’s injuries.

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