Jeffrey Wright, 48, of New Haven, was charged early Friday after police said that he had been drinking while driving.

Wright was stopped after police said an officer noticed he was driving a vehicle with no front license plate and a severely cracked and damaged front windshield. The officer also saw a Heineken beer bottle lying on the floor in front of the passenger seat, and contents of the bottle were "frothy and spilling out onto the floor of the vehicle," according to the report.

While speaking with Wright, the officer smelled alcohol on Wright's breath, police said. Wright was then asked to step out from the vehicle, and as he did, an orange glassine baggy containing a "white rock substance" was seen lying on the center of the seat behind him, police said. The officer searched the vehicle and found several small clear glassine baggies, which along with the vehicle's cup holder, had a white powder residue suspected to be cocaine, police said.

Wright was charged with possession of a controlled substance and drinking while operating a motor vehicle, as well as several motor vehicle infractions. He was unable to post bond and was transported to Norwalk Superior Court later Friday for arraignment.