A 66-year-old Weston man has been charged with threatening and breach of peace after yelling and waving a bat at another driver downtown Saturday, police said.

Allan Blumenfeld of Trails End Road in Weston was driving “erratically and in an aggressive manner” Saturday morning, police said, when an officer saw him pull behind another vehicle occupied by a man and woman. Blumenfeld, according to the report, at least twice yelled at the other vehicle he was following, and raised a bat in his car and waved it toward the other driver.

Blumenfeld then drove alongside the other car, police said, continuing to yell at them and finally pulled in front of the other car, stopped his car and waved the bat he was holding in his left hand out of the window in the direction of the other car.

When approached by the officer, an aluminum bat was observed on the front passenger seat of Blumenfeld’s car and police said that he had no “reasonable” explanation for having it in the car.

Blumenfeld, in addition to facing charges of threatening and breach of peace, was charged with having weapons in a vehicle.

Bond was set at $500 and he is scheduled to appear Sept. 22 at state Superior Court in Norwalk.