Update: According to the state’s attorney, the case against Mr. Donaldson was dismissed.

Frank Donaldson, 46, of Blind Brook Road North, was charged early Friday after police said he took a woman's wallet and cell phone.

An officer on routine patrol saw Donaldson and woman on a sidewalk on Church Lane downtown. While speaking with both of them, the officer observed Donaldson lift up the left side of his shirt and hide a dark colored object under his armpit. Asked what he was trying to hide, Donaldson lifted both his arms in the air to show his hands and the dark object fell out from under his shirt, and the officer said that it was the woman's wallet.

He was then patted down, and the women's cell phone also was found on his person, according to the report. The woman told police that Donaldson had taken those items from her without her knowledge or permission.

Donaldson was charged with sixth-degree larceny and released on $500 bond. He is scheduled to appear Aug. 21 in Norwalk Superior Court.