UPDATE: The state's attorney has dismissed and expunged the case against Douglas Loucas.

A 53-year-old man faces charges after police said he altered a doctor’s prescription to obtain a stronger dosage of a pain killer.

Douglas Loucas, of Reef Road in Fairfield, was charged Thursday with illegal issue of a false prescription and second-degree forgery.

Police were alerted by personnel at the CVS pharmacy on Post Road East that Loucas had apparently changed the dose of a Vicodin prescription from his doctor from “5 mg” to “7.5 mg,” according to the report. The alteration was detected by the pharmacist who noticed the numeral 7 was written in a different color ink than the rest of the prescription, police said. The change was later confirmed when police checked with his doctor, police said.

Loucas was taken into custody at his Fairfield home.

Bond was set at $250 and he is scheduled to appear Feb. 16 at state Superior Court in Norwalk.