Journalist and author Tom Brokaw has received accolades over the years for his work on air and in print, and in 1999, the Westport Library added to Brokaw’s long list of honors with its top yearly award.

Brokaw accepted the Westport Public Library Award at the library’s annual fundraising gala, "Booked for the Evening," on June 6 of that year. The award was established to honor those whose work reflects the library’s primary mission “to nurture the love of learning and to enhance our understanding of the world.”

Maxine Bleiweis, who was then the library’s director, was quoted in the May 7, 1999, edition of the Westport News as expressing excitement the titan of journalism planned to accept its honor: “We are thrilled that Mr. Brokaw has accepted our invitation. Westport is fortunate to have the ability to bestow such an award. Mr. Brokaw’s acceptance is a strong statement of his recognition of the importance libraries have in their communities.”

At the time, Brokaw was the anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News," along with being a contributing anchor for the "Dateline NBC" news magazine, as well as for the MSNBC cable network.

A year earlier, Brokaw’s chronicle of the World War II era, "The Greatest Generation," was published to critical acclaim and held a spot on the New York Times bestseller list for 20 weeks.