Samsung makes an amazing array of items, from consumer electronics to ocean-going vessels to power-and-control systems to chemicals to financial services.

It hit me the other day that I'm surrounded by Samsung products.

I started adding it up. I have a Samsung smartphone, television, computer monitor, tablet and refrigerator. I have multiples of some items.

That's probably more products in my home than from any other company.

This was certainly not the case a few years ago. There were some technology companies, but they seemed to stick to a few items. Dell, for example, was known for desktop and laptop computers.

Apple started with computers, then created the iPods and now iPhones and iPads.

Coming from the other direction, large manufacturers like General Electric are well known for their home appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers), but not computer equipment.

Clearly, Samsung has crossed the lines quite successfully. In fact, it was recently reported that Samsung sells more smartphones than any other company, including Apple.

It's interesting to see that Samsung has clearly made a good name for itself in the marketplace. Its products aren't always the least expensive, nor are they typically considered to be a "premium" (read: expensive or luxury) product, although they do offer those.

But what Samsung has done is create a very strong set of quality products.

I've read that much of what Samsung does isn't particularly innovative, but that they are very good at finding what people want and executing it very well.

I can't say I am the best person to determine what is considered innovative in a product, but I know that the combination of features, price and reputation have brought me back to Samsung quite a lot in recent years.

I hope Samsung continues this trend of delivering products that people want.

The company has certainly done a good job of delivering products that I want and am willing to pay for.

I will continue to look at Samsung products.

Mark Mathias is a Westport resident and has worked in information technology for more than 30 years. His "Living With Technology" appears every other Friday. He can be contacted at