From the other side of the world to Westport, the Little River Band brought familiar hits and late-summer fun Friday night to the Levitt Pavilion.

“It’s a great venue and a great place to be,” said Tammy Brown of Redding. “How appropriate — Little River Band by the Saugatuck River.”

Approximately 1,200 people jammed the Levitt lawn to enjoy the sounds of the Australian-born group that, over the years, performed a range of international hits, including “Reminiscing,” “Cool Change” and “Lonesome Loser.”

Many in the auidence got on their feet to dance as the light of day faded and the rhythm and harmonies of the five-piece band swept across the riverside venue.

“It brings me back to high school,” said Susan Goligoski of Greenwich. “I used to love them in high school and they had so many hits, and they’ve stayed relevant.”

“It brings back great memories for me,” said Cyndy Kosoff, visiting from Chicago. “I remember that time in my life. I was free. Little River Band was playing on the radio and life was good.”

“I grew up in New Zealand,” said Paul Stubbs of Westport, “and they were a big band in that part of the world.”

He said that whenever someone in his hometown celebrated their 21st birthday, “Cool Change” was played at the party.

“That song is my anthem,” agreed Stephanie Gerlach of Fairfield, who adores the group. “This is awesome. We’re really excited about this.”

Freda Welsh, executive director of the Levitt Pavilion, said the event was a success from the start. “Again, it starts with the weather, having a great band and a great songbook that everybody knows,” she said. “And everybody is in the mood for a great party and a great time.”

The evening began with drink and food for VIP guests, organized at the top end of the field. “It’s a little more informal than the gala,” Welsh said, referring to a fundraising concert earlier in the summer that featured Don Felder, former guitarist for the Eagles.

That event and Friday’s Little River performance were two of the few ticketed concerts at the Levitt this summer, with proceeds used to underwrite more than 50 free shows over the course of the season.

“It’s just a great venue,” said Bill Labella of Redding. “We come every chance we get, and when it’s a name, it’s extra fun.”

“It’s just such a great place,” said Tom Risch of Westport, who volunteered his time ushering for the event. “They do such a great thing for everybody, so I thought it would be nice to do something for them.”

“It’s just so fantastic to be out in the open air in such a beautiful refurbished area,” said Neil Goodkind of Fairfield. “We’re so fortunate to have this in Westport.”