Learning about the environment just got more natural, thanks to an exhibit in the Westport Public Library's children's department.

Through April 2, youngsters can become more eco-savvy through hands-on stations from the Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, which are designed to introduce them to information about to concepts like energy and recycling.

"The Stepping Stones Museum has this free exhibit that they loan to libraries and schools," said Lynne Perrigo, children's librarian. "The gist of it is promoting good environmental practices."

Kids get the chance to illuminate light bulbs using alternative energy, sort recyclables and generally experience some fun while learning.

"This would show you how much the tank is and how much the heater is," said Max Carver, 7, of Westport at a station that shows how energy use can be distributed in a home.

"It'll help make the earth safer," he said of his new knowledge, "so the earth doesn't run out of air to breathe."

Samuel Rossoni, 5, of Westport, enjoyed a machine that, by using a crank, enabled him to demonstrate the use of solar energy.

"It looks like a very a cool machine," he said.