Back in 1950, Eve Rothbard’s parents purchased an Army/Navy store on East Main Street in Bridgeport.

“When I was a kid, I spent holidays and Saturdays working in the store,” she said. In the mid-1970s, the store, Liberty Army & Navy, was relocated to its current site at 1439 Post Road East.

About 20 years ago, Rothbard said, her parents retired and gave the business to her and her sister, who she eventually bought the business from, becoming its sole owner.

“This marks 65 years in business,” said Rothbard. She said some things about the store have remained the same over the years, like military surplus.

“But we sold a lot more years ago,” she said, adding it’s more difficult to get those types of merchandise today. “We really need to search them out,” she said, but the store does sell a variety of camouflage gear and related items, she added.

The store also offers embroidery and silk screening for businesses that want to put a logo on their uniforms. “That’s something my dad started,” she said.

As for change, the store is beginning to sell scrubs for medical personnel, she said.

“We also have camping items and travel clothing,” she said. The store also offers products she terms “upgraded quality” compared to those that would have been offered years ago. These include Timberland, Merrell and Wolverine boots.

“We are constantly evolving,” Rothbard said, adding the store now has a website and a Facebook page.

On that page, customer Ross Feld wrote that Liberty Army & Navy is “an excellent store.”

“I found the work boots I needed with so many choices to select from,” he added. “On top of high end apparel, the customer service was immaculate. Very friendly and willing to help with whatever you desire.”

Rothbard said a celebration isn’t planned for the store’s 65th anniversary, but it will be offering a number of specials, like a shoe sale currently underway.

Rothbard said that, even after all these years with the family business, it’s still fun for her. “It’s never boring,” she said. “Each day is a different and new challenge.”