Lavielle: an experienced voice of reason

To the editor:

With all the challenges that Connecticut is facing, Wilton needs Gail Lavielle to continue to represent us in Hartford.

Gail has been a strong voice in the Legislature for fiscal discipline so that our tax dollars are being well spent and has focused on getting our state budgets back in balance. She has also championed education and worked hard to ensure that Wilton received its Educational Cost Sharing revenue promised but often cut back by the governor. With so much at stake, it is imperative that Wilton re-elect Gail, an experienced voice of reason in the State Assembly.

Jeffrey Rutishauser


Vote to re-elect Toni Boucher

To the editor:

I have known Sen. Toni Boucher for many years. We first met at the National Conference on Aging in Washington, D.C., when I was comptroller general of the United States. I have come to know Toni much better since moving to Connecticut over eight years ago.

Toni is a person of boundless energy and considerable ability. She is fully committed to do what it takes to help our next governor turn around Connecticut and create a better future for all of us in the Constitution State. We need Toni now more than ever. Please vote to re-elect Senator Toni Boucher.

Hon. David M. Walker


Support for Gail Lavielle in 143rd District

To the editor:

I support Gail Lavielle for re-election to the state House of Representatives in the 143rd District.

Gail is an independent thinker who considers every issue on its merits.

Rather than sticking to party ideology, she has stood up again and again for the things that matter to Westporters, while keeping a laser focus on resolving the state’s fiscal and economic issues.

Gail is a stickler for gun safety, having received a distinction from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. She has a forceful environmental record, having been endorsed by both the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. As a ranking member of the Education Committee, she defended our schools against unfair adjustments to educational funds during the school year. Gail has been a leading spokesperson for 8-30g reform, and has championed Westport neighborhoods again and again, most recently on Lincoln Street.

She has no trouble combining these positions with her focus on turning the state’s economy around to keep Westport’s economy and property values strong. Having also served on both the Appropriations and Finance committees, she understands the importance of reducing taxes and spending, renegotiating the state employee union contracts, improving the business climate to attract new businesses, and making critical investments in transportation, education, and services for the needy.

Gail will always focus on her constituents’ priorities, because she respects them. She understands why Westport is so unique, and is working hard to keep it that way.

Karen Kleine


Vote for Greg Kraut

To the editor:

The one thing we do need in this state and Westport is a new set of eyes offering new solutions to the same old problems that have been in existence for years. The reason for this is that we have had the same state representative in office for the past eight years. I am at a loss to try and figure out what our current state representative, Jonathan Steinberg, has accomplished over the last eight years for the town of Westport.

Greg Kraut brings intellect, energy and new ideas to try and solve many issues that seem intractable. The time has come to vote in a new State Representative for our Town. We gave Jonathan Steinberg eight years to attempt to create change at the state level and for the town of Westport and thus far we have nothing to show for it.

A vote for Kraut is a vote for change.

Tom Bloch


Vote for Kraut, Lavielle, Boucher and Hwang

Any voter who focuses on events in Washington to make his or her decision on voting for the Connecticut Legislature is missing the most important outcome for those of us privileged to live in Westport. Our legislature has been dominated by Democrats, largely under the influence of labor unions, for the last 40 years. This one-party rule is largely responsible for the excessive state employee benefits that are bankrupting our state, as well as the 8-30g law that is destroying the culture of our town.

For the first time in many many years, there is an opportunity in the 2018 election to break this one party rule and bring some sanity to the Legislature in Hartford. To accomplish this, I urge Westporters to vote for Greg Kraut and Gail Lavielle for state representative and Toni Boucher and Tony Hwang for state Senate on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Pete Wolgast


Kraut will get things done

To the editor:

My family and I have lived in Westport for 7 years.

About a month ago, Greg Kraut knocked on my door to tell me why he’s running for state representative and to ask for my support. Since then I’ve learned a lot about the job, the candidates and the issues. Indeed, I co-moderated a debate between Greg and Jonathan Steinberg at Staples High School on Oct. 15.

I’ll be voting for Greg because I think he’s better equipped for the job and has better ideas for how to manage the important economic (and other) issues facing our town and our state. Best as I can tell, Mr. Steinberg speaks like a politician about all the things he supports but hasn’t really accomplished much despite many years in office. I think we need someone who’s actually going to get things done, not someone who just talks a good game. I think Greg will get things done.

I also think it’s important that we the voters focus on the candidates themselves and listen to what they say about what they stand for and what they have done and intend to do. There’s far too much unproductive political rhetoric and polarization in our world today. Let’s try hard to move past that and elect someone who (to me anyway) appears 100 percent committed to doing the right thing and to not being beholden to party politics. My mother told me many times “all things in moderation.” She was right. I think Greg Kraut can help get us back to the middle — to a place of moderation, common sense, civil human communication and productive action. That would be a very good thing for Westport.

John Goldman


Join me in voting for Kraut

To the editor:

Greg Kraut represents a breath of fresh air in the political arena. He is a passionate advocate for much needed reform in Connecticut.

Our property values in Westport depend on fundamental changes in Hartford. Greg has a well-thought-out economic plan to advocate for on our behalf.

If elected as our state representative, Greg can help bring a bright future to our state, reversing the past eight years of fiscal irresponsibility that has depressed our property values.

Greg is tireless in his pursuit to achieve change and to represent us in our state capital. Please join me in voting for Greg Kraut.

Avi Kaner


Liberal mom supports Kraut

I support Greg Kraut. I’m a working mom, a strong liberal and a Westport resident with a deep passion for our state.

Kraut cares about women’s rights, all of them. Not limiting to the smallness of one topic, but an advocate of women. He cares about the environment — from our (unfortunately, very littered) community to our children’s future world. He lives and breathes the corrupt and bankrupt infrastructure that is in place and has a plan to fix it. He is honest and is, what I believe, the fresh air we need to fix a long overdue fiscal crisis.

I believe in him, and I never thought I would ever cross a party line, but this — he — is worth it. He isn’t just saying these things — he’s on his bike, in the community and genuinely caring. I’m just one liberal mom and I support Kraut for (overdue) change.

Collette Winn


Country needs more politicians like Greg Kraut

To the editor:

I am writing to you as a constituent, neighbor, and friend of Greg Kraut, to endorse his bid for Connecticut state representative.

I have witnessed first-hand Greg’s common sense solutions to seemingly unsolvable longstanding problems. My neighborhood abuts the town transfer station, Greg was the first elected official that worked with the management of the transfer station to establish operating compromises that respected both the homeowners and the priorities of the business. While Greg is running on the Republican ticket, he is a candidate that truly reaches across the aisle to work on behalf of all his constituents.

His endorsement by the Independent Party is a testament to his work on the issues that matter, not falling in-line along party platforms. In this day of divisive politics Westport, Connecticut, and this country of ours needs more politicians like Greg Kraut. Greg wants to grow the local economy, improve the Metro-North commuting to NYC, and keep investing in our schools. I hope you will join me in voting to send Greg to Hartford to advocate on our behalf.

Glenn Gans


Kraut would represent Westport well

To the editor:

Having served Westport on the Representative Town Meeting for 10 years, having ties to the town dating back close to 50 years, and having raised two children in Westport, I write as a Florida resident who still has ties to Westport, still has friends here, and still spends time in the town. Westport will always be special to my family and me, and I will always care about what happens to both Westport and to Connecticut. That is why I am hoping you will support Greg Kraut for State Representative this coming Nov. 6.

Greg Kraut would represent Westport well. He offers a fiscally thoughtful and experienced approach to the problems facing Connecticut — problems that impact Westport, too. The policies he would support are a break from the legislative majority’s unsuccessful policies which have made CT the state with the lowest growth rate across all 50 states. Greg presents Westport voters with the opportunity to choose a candidate who proposes a different course of action from the failures of past fiscal habits. Those fiscal habits have clearly diluted the quality of Westporters’ transportation services, the quality of their children’s education, and the value of their homes (financial security for the future of their families), and they will continue to do so unless drastically changed. Connecticut desperately needs a new approach to its spiraling problems. and Greg Kraut can work on Westport’s behalf towards a positive change in that direction.

For these reasons, I urge you to support Greg Kraut on Nov. 6.

Judy Starr

Isla Morada, Fla.

Formerly Westport

Kraut is right for the job

To the editor:

As the final days of the 2018 election heats up, I wish I could sit down and have a heart-to-heart with each and every Westport resident and explain why I believe Greg Kraut is the right person for the job as our state rep.

I wouldn’t dwell on the issues. His platform speaks for itself (visit his website His ideas are wise, logical, and well thought out. Mostly I would talk about his sensibility. I would tell my fellow residents about the kind of guy Greg is. He is a curious and open thinker who truly cares about the town he loves. I remember meeting him over my stonewall as I was training my new puppy. We got into a highly spirited and independent political conversation, based on principal values and sensible solutions and found him to be a refreshing change for the town that has been home to our family for 30 years.

Greg is a person who stands up for what is right and good. He has single handedly dug deep into Westport’s good and bad, championing the positive and battling the negative. Greg is a grounded thinker who will rise above the partisan bickering and finger-pointing, prioritize education, keep tight control on taxes to assure that Westport remains attractive to local businesses and family’s alike and help nurture a compassionate and open-minded conversation and culture in Hartford.

Many people feel uncomfortable by all the ugly vitriol coming out of Washington and are looking for someone who is plain-spoken and not beholden to special interests politics. This November, for a change, let’s vote for the person and not the party. Let’s elect Greg Kraut, as our independent thinking voice.

Linda Miller


Asian-American community supports Kraut

To the editor:

The Asian-American community at Westport held a campaign rally for Greg Kraut on Sunday at Saugutuck River bridge. Greg Kraut is a Westport RTM Member and state representative candidate (R-136). He is running against the democrat incumbent Rep. Jonathan Steinberg.

Asian-Americans held such signs as “Asian American for Kraut,” “Support Kraut No Profiling of American Children,” ‘No Jonathan Steinberg, No Racial Profiling,” etc. During the past legislative year, Rep. Jonathan Steinberg became too comfortable with the Hartford political swamp. He turned deaf ears to the strong voice from Connecticut Asian-American community. Such voice calls for not treating Connecticut residents differently based on their skin color and ethnics background. He promoted and supported a legislative bill that only targets specifically at Asian-American community and requires all Asian-American in Connecticut to register their ancestral nation of origin or ethnic background.

Greg Kraut is the right choice for Asian-American community in Connecticut, especially for representing Asian-American community in Westport. He stated very clearly, “As somebody that is very aware of registry profiling in our country over the last 100 years and the dangers that are associated with it, I oppose any such attempts by the government to further discriminate against any group of people.”

“I urge all Democrat and Republican legislators in Connecticut to pass legislation to protect our Asian Community from Identity Politics. No racial profiling, ethnic registry or division targeting Asian-Americans or any Americans over all,” Kraut also said.

One of the apparent purposes of the Asian Registry initiative nationwide, largely sponsored by the Democratic Party, is to artificially limit the education opportunities for students from certain Asian-American groups, because they either “work too hard” or “over-achieve.” This is unfair and un-American. All ethnicities should be treated equally in this country. This issue is not just an Asian-American issue, as it is part of the identity politics obsessed by some political party. It is an American issue.

More than half century ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream about the America that an Americans would “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This is our Asian-American dream, too.

Feng Zhang


Greg Kraut the right choice for Westport

To the editor:

Greg Kraut, a Westport RTM Member, is clearly the right choice for the next state representative for Assembly District 136.

Greg is a practical business person, and supports lowering tax, increasing tax base, limiting government spending, and fostering a pro-business environment. These are the changes needed for the state of Connecticut to recover from its current dismal financial situation.

Greg has been active in advocating for protecting our youth from potential harm of illegal drugs including marijuana. He has voiced his concern against the on-going trend of “education socialism,” which tends to obliviate the inspiration, motivation and a healthy meritocracy, essential for our students’ success both in and out of the campuses.

Jonathan Steinberg, the incumbent, has been part of the status quo for very long. Having controlled the state Legislature for almost 40 years, the Democratic Party has no excuse for not taking responsibility of the current financial situation of Connecticut; and as a state Representative for the past eight years, Steinberg certainly possesses his share in this collective responsibility. Steinberg also came across as someone overly comfortable with his current position, and stopped listening to people’s legit concerns, especially those concerns from an underrepresented group which does not form a large base of his constituents.

Greg Kraut, on the other hand, is very personable and approachable. He listens to people even if they are from a small group, and supports their cause if justified. This is the type of candidate we all should support.

Monty Du


Business owner supports Steinberg

To the editor:

As the owner of a manufacturing company that has been based in Connecticut for almost 50 years, I am fully aware of the challenges facing Connecticut. That is why I am supporting Jonathan Steinberg for re-election as state representative in the 136th District. These are uncertain times — for our state, and for our country — a time when we need more than ever a serious candidate who has a deep understanding of the issues, who can set ego aside in order to make the tough and sometimes unpopular decisions, and a candidate who is committed to supporting our democratic values.

I have known Jonathan for over 20 years, and I know that at times he has been criticized for seeming as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and for perhaps getting too into the weeds when explaining issues. The truth is, he actually does hold the weight of us all on his shoulders — all Westporters, this state, and our democratic values — because he understands the importance of his role, especially during this critical time in our history. When there is an issue that impacts us, it impacts him. When there is a threat to our democratic values, he feels that threat personally. When you have an intellect like Jonathan’s it is not easy to break down an issue into sound bites, tweets, Facebook posts, or generalized promises. This is because he wants us to understand that these are not simple times, and there are no simple solutions.

For Jonathan, being a Westporter is truly in his DNA. Before becoming our state rep in 2010, Jonathan spent years volunteering for our town — he spent seven years on the RTM, was elected deputy moderator three times, chaired various RTM Committees, and served on numerous other town committees and commissions. He grew up here. He raised his amazing family here. He knows us. He is one of us. He is Westport.

He is a leader in the state Legislature — chairing the Public Health Committee, joining the Advanced Manufacturing Caucus, co-chairing the BioScience Caucus, and chairing the Pension Sustainability Commission. His legislative accomplishments are numerous, and he has proven that we can count on him to reach across the aisle when necessary and do what’s best for the state. We can count on him to promote pay equity. We can count on him to care for our environment. We can count on him to deal with this state’s opioid addiction issue. We can count on Jonathan to unequivocally fight for common sense gun control. We can count on him to protect a woman’s access to health care and protect coverage of pre-existing conditions, and we can count on him to work to bring new jobs to Connecticut.

What has always struck me about Jonathan is his willingness to show up for whoever needs him, the absolute respect he has from his colleagues in the state House, his collaborative approach to problem solving, his focus on substance over sound bites, and his gratitude for the position he has held for four terms.

I am proud to count Jonathan among my friends, and equally proud to support him in his bid for re-election. He is a man who deserves our support and our vote on November 6th.

Lauren H. Soloff


Vote for Michelle McCabe for senator for the 28th District

To the editor:

As a member of the board of directors of the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, I have watched Michelle as director of the Food Equity and Economic Development Center of the CCGB bring her inexhaustible energy, intelligence and knowledge to bear on the operation of the CCGB food pantries in the greater Bridgeport area. She will devote that energy and resourcefulness to her role as our state senator from the 128th district.

Michelle will advocate for changes on a deep level, addressing root causes, not surface side effects. She is not obligated to special interests that would seek to influence her votes for their interests and not for our interests. Our state Senate and citizens of Connecticut need a hard worker like Michelle who does a lot more than smile for the camera. We need Michelle to get things done for us in Hartford.

Please join me in voting for Michelle McCabe on Nov. 6. It’s a vote for committed and pro-active governance in Hartford.

Grove W. Stoddard


In support of Gail Lavielle for re-election

To the editor:

Wilton has been well-served by our senior state representative and long-time resident Gail Lavielle for eight years. She has provided unrivaled accessibility, leadership and is intensely focused on fiscal responsibility and accountability in creating a sustainable budget for our state.

Gail provides frequent updates to local governing boards on legislative and executive activities in Hartford helping local officials better serve their communities. She not only has a deep understanding of the needs of Wilton and the rest of the 143rd District, but importantly, is committed to knowledge sharing both to and from her constituents.

Gail has the seniority and know-how to effect changes in Hartford. As a ranking member on a number of important committees including Education, Finance and Bonding, and Transportation, she understands how to navigate the complex systems in Hartford. We need her experience to continue to effect important change.

Gail is focused on initiatives to grow the state’s tax base by retaining current businesses as well as attracting new ones. This can only be done by halting higher tax growth caused by unsustainable spending. She is committed to reforming Connecticut’s government labor costs including controlling the DOT’s excessively high construction costs, among the highest in the country on a per mile basis. Tolls and higher gas taxes are not the solution.

Gail Lavielle brings the experience, seniority, and accesibility to continue making a difference for our communities and our state. Regardless of your political party affiliation, I urge you to re-elect Gail Lavielle.

Walter Kress


P&Z members endorse Kraut

To the editor:

We, as Westport’s three senior members of the P&Z Commission, endorse Greg Kraut for state rep in the 136th District.

Greg has proven to us that he has the best interest of all Westporters and is against predatory developers who consistently challenge Westport and our way of life. Our current state Rep. Jon Steinberg, has never once offered to work with us and the Westport land use commission for the good of our town. His efforts to amend 8-30g have been misdirected and misguided. Westport has led the way on affordable housing that is proper and respectful to those in need since the creation of Hales Court (newly renovated) for returning WWII veterans, Canal Park for seniors, and the rebuilt Sasco Creek housing. The point system imposed by the state 8-30g mandate excludes most of our affordable housing stock.

Our current state Rep. Steinberg, has consistently brought us unwanted state studies and plans that if implemented would lead to increased traffic and density in Saugatuck and all of Westport. Through all the studies undertaken, in the past eight years, we know is that Westporters want to keep our town’s character, density and livability for all. We feel that our current state rep has been working against local control of land use in planning for our town and instead has promoted State mandates that by pass all our local land use regulations

Greg is committed to working with us in keeping the small-town character of Westport. He is committed to working with your local P&Z to amend 8-30g in such a way that it will benefit our community. We’re impressed with his energy level and the connections he has made in our community. Please join us in supporting Greg Kraut as your new state rep in the 136th district.

Al Gratrix, Chip Stephens, Catherine Walsh

P&Z Commission members

Why Steinberg has my vote Nov. 6

To the editor:

Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because Jonathan is trustworthy. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he has a proven track record of being a champion of women’s reproductive rights. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he has a proven track record of being a champion of the environment. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he has a proven track record of being a champion for gun sense safety laws. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he has been, and continues to be a dedicated public servant for Westport for over the last 16 years, including multiple years of experience working in Hartford. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he knows that progress is not instantaneous but requires consistent commitment and perserverence. Jonathan Steinberg has my vote because he wants the best for our current and future Westporters.

Jonathan Steinberg knows Westport. Jonathan Steinberg grew up in Westport. Jonathan Steinberg returned to Westport to raise his family.Jonathan Steinberg loves and wants the best for Westport.

I trust and I believe in all that Jonathan Steinberg is doing and needs to continue doing for Westport. These are the reasons why Jonathan Steinberg has my unwavering support and my vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Nicole Klein

Wesport RTM District 5

Time for grownups to run the state

To the editor:

The 143rd District is incredibly fortunate to have Gail Lavielle as their representative in the state House. As ranking member on the Education Committee and assistant minority leader, she assures our interests are well represented.

Gail has consistently voted against tax increases. She understands the importance of economic growth and reducing Hartford’s out-of-control spending. Last year, Governor Malloy gave away the farm when he negotiated a labor agreement for our state workforce that guarantees these workers wages that are 25 to 46 percent higher than their private sector counterparts. These contracts must be restructured.

The Tax Foundation ranks Connecticut 47th in terms of business tax climate. Is it any wonder our businesses are leaving? General Electric, after much study, decided they would be better off in Massachusetts rather than keeping their headquarters in Fairfield. Imagine that — TAXachusetts was their better option.

What is the solution? Well in our district it is voting for strong fiscally conservatives like Gail Lavielle and Toni Boucher. Together, they want to reduce income taxes, streamline government expenses, reform state employee benefits and implement a dynamic economic development plan.

Make a difference with your vote on Nov. 6 (or vote by absentee ballot that are now available with our Town Clerk). It is now time for the grownups to run the state. Vote Lavielle!

Jonathan T. Woods


Steinberg earned my vote

To the editor:

I’m a registered Independent and a fiercely-independent voter. Here’s why I plan to vote for Jonathan Steinberg for state Rep.

I weighed the candidates along three factors. 1) Their proposed approaches to solving the state’s fiscal situation; 2) Their policy views on transportation, gun control, and immigration; and 3) My assessment of how closely their values align with mine.

Connecticut faces grave problems, and the allure of wholesale change certainly temps me. Regrettably, I fear no simple and quick solutions exist. My wife and I spoke with Mr. Steinberg in our living room, and he convinced us that he understands the need for change but with a long-term view. His opponent promotes ideas that smell like the snake oil the country has been sold by our current president and will simply line the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of the long-term health of our state.

Mr. Steinberg has spent time on the transportation committee and seems keenly aware how the traffic problems and crumbling mass transit infrastructure degrade our quality of life. He also represents a pragmatic view that will help shape the next governor’s approach. His opponent does not mention transportation on his campaign site.

Both candidates claim support for continued increase in gun control measures. I’m gravely concerned that the Republican candidate for governor wins the election and moves Connecticut gun restrictions in the wrong direction. He received an A rating from the NRA, and a vote for Greg Kraut will mean more support for a Stefanowski administration. Kraut claims to be Independent. Mr. Kraut, if you’re an Independent, then register as an Independent like me. You’ve chosen to be a member of a party and represent the party, so please don’t pretend you won’t vote in party line when a Republican administration tries to roll back gun restrictions.

Immigration does not seem top of mind in this race, but I believe it should be. Our state relies on both skilled and unskilled immigrant labor. As a wealthy town, Westport particularly relies on immigrant labor. State and municipal governments in many states like ours have resisted sharply anti-immigrant federal policies with a more progressive approach. A Republican administration in Hartford will threaten to move in line with the Trump administration which will damage our communities. Again, a vote for Greg Kraut is a vote to strengthen a potential Stefanowski administration.

In terms of personal values, I do not know either men so I can only gauge from my limited contact, but here the difference is stark and decisive for me. Mr. Steinberg sat and listened patiently to our many complaints about the state government. I was not always perfectly polite with Mr. Steinberg, but he cordially responded to every issue. I believe he represents the progressive social values and pragmatic fiscal values we support.

I cannot say the same about Mr. Kraut. My only interactions with him have been through his Facebook page. Nearly three quarters of Westport voted against our current president in 2016. The president has disrespected the office in too many ways to recount here, and he has greatly damaged the institutions supporting our republic, the ideal of truth most of all. I believe it’s a legitimate question to ask any Republican candidate if they will disavow Mr. Trump. I posted this question on the candidate’s Facebook page multiple times. He not only refused to answer, but deleted my posts. Mr. Kraut reached out to me himself through Facebook Messenger asking me to have coffee. When I asked him again if he would disavow Trump, he began to respond but then blocked me on Facebook.

This is simple — Mr. Kraut knows that 27 percent of Westport did vote for Trump, and he’d like to count on their votes. Publicly disavowing Trump puts those votes at risk. We have a person in the White House who incites violence, denigrates women, justifies neo-Nazi white supremacists, attacks core institutions of our government — law enforcement, the courts, the federal reserve, the free press, science, peaceful discourse, and most of all attacks the ideal of the truth. If you can’t tell this town that you either disavow that or not, you don’t deserve to represent Westport. If you can’t publicly answer a question from someone in your community, but suppress it, then you also don’t support an open, peaceful dialogue. We don’t need more Trump in this town.

Mr. Steinberg earned my vote, but Mr. Kraut earned my disgust.

Robert Birge


McCabe will deliver real solutions

To the editor:

I have worked with Michelle McCabe for multiple years and I want to emphasize for your readers that she will be an amazing representative for them in the Senate. Michelle is a true leader and will be able to represent all her constituencies in Fairfield fairly, moving to action on issues they care about, and delivering real solutions.

Michelle takes the time to listen and talk with people, acknowledging issues, and working collaboratively to find the best solutions for the many problems that currently plague Connecticut and our local communities.

In light of the current financial and other difficulties, we desperately need a candidate who is willing to acknowledge and understand these problems and then wrestle them towards effective and sustainable solutions that work for all residents. Michelle can do this! She has a keen grasp of state and local financial woes and other challenges. I have seen her be exceptionally resourceful and creative when it comes to addressing persistent problems. And one of her biggest strengths is her ability to work as a partner and get things done effectively.

I am more than confident that with Michelle McCabe as state Senator, the cycle of inaction to resolve tough problems in our state and communities will end. She has the intelligence, skills, and determination needed to make positive changes in the tough predicament we currently find ourselves in. Michelle has the passion and vision to lead and collaborate to get things done, and above all to make the changes residents need for their communities to thrive. With all this in mind, please vote for Michelle Lapine McCabe for state Senate on Nov. 6.

Maria Markham

New Haven

Vote Cafero for probate judge

To the editor:

In addition to all the state and federal offices we will be voting for on Election Day, we also must elect a new judge of Probate. Larry Cafero is by far the best qualified candidate for probate judge.

Larry’s 35-plus years of legal experience, in addition to his public service experience, together with his human qualities of fairness and compassion, make him the ideal person for the job. Please vote Larry Cafero for judge of probate on Nov. 6.

Carol Lenihan