Letters to the editor: Strickland believes in planning

Strickland believes in planning

To the editor:

The Planning and Zoning Commission has more to say about what our town looks like and how it functions than almost any other body of government. Our present commission has failed to discharge a critical key: Its planning function.

That’s why I’m supporting Joe Strickland. He believes in planning. We need his insight and experience to make sure that the town’s future is in competent hands.

Just look around town to see many examples of a failure to plan, including the failure of the commission to seize the opportunity for corrective action at the intersection of Wilton Road and the Post Road; the P&Z’s aggressive and ill-advised action to kill the senior housing project on Baron’s South; the rejection of the potent movie theater amendment — oh the list goes on!

A town without planning is a town without a future. That’s why I enthusiastically support Joe Strickland. I hope you’ll join me on Nov. 5.

Julie Belaga

Former Westport P&Z Chairman, 1972-1975

Liz & Vik for Board of Education

To the editor:

I got to know Vik during some very trying years for the Westport Board of Education. I was impressed with his calm and thoughtful approach to the issues at hand, issues that prompted heated exchange, and not always in a good way.

He speaks his mind, backs up his opinions, and most importantly, sticks to the issues. Liz is a great asset to the team. With her deep local roots, she is fully invested in Westport. I trust Vik and Liz to serve our town and make it a better place for us, our families, and our property values.

Joseph Sledge


Vote for Joe Strickland

To the editor:

When I ran for a seat on the Planning & Zoning Commission in the last election, I heard a great many concerns from the electorate about how Westport is developing and how it will deal with issues such as the changing retail landscape, affordable housing, and the burgeoning traffic congestion.

These conversations reinforced my belief that what is needed is a thoughtful plan for the future, a template for how Westport should evolve and what it should look like 10, 20 and 30 years from now.

The current P&Z has studiously avoided its planning responsibilities in favor of an ad hoc approach to land use which emphasizes the status quo. This has got to change if Westport is to have a vibrant future.

Fortunately, there is a candidate who believes in planning for the future and who has the training, experience and commitment to bring about that change. That candidate is Joe Strickland, an architect and dedicated public servant who chairs the Public Site and Building Commission and the Blight Board, who has served as facilities manager for the Board of Education, and who is committed to an efficient, civil land use process.

I urge you to vote for Joe. He has a plan for assuring Westport’s future by building upon its past.

Jennifer Johnson