Please explain why ...

To the editor:

Please explain to me why:

Those who rely on governmental assistance the most want less government?

Descendants of immigrants in a country populated by immigrants want to close the borders?

People who are taught to “Love Thy Neighbor,” can’t accept people who are different?

We can’t do more than offer “thoughts and prayers” to those who die each year by firearms?

Anyone could believe that arming teachers is a real solution to mass casualties?

Elections aren’t held on weekends to make it easier for people to vote?

If we are a “government of the people, by the people and for the people” voting isn’t compulsory?

Access to health care isn’t a basic human right?

Those who advocate to save the unborn don’t seem to care about their education or health care?

Anyone who believes in “life at all stages” can support the death penalty?

Nonviolent offenders are imprisoned at taxpayer expense, often for decades?

People cannot connect recent violent weather events and climate change?

Clean air and water aren’t a priority?

Elected officials aren’t held to the same standards as children — be truthful and respect others?

Compromise has become a bad word?

Greg Battersby