Letters to the editor: Fantastic improvements at Compo Beach

Fantastic improvements at Compo Beach

To the editor:

I want to thank Jim Marpe, first selectman; the Board of Selectmen; Jen Fava, director of parks and rec, and all those responsible for the fantastic improvements at Compo Beach.

First, let’s start with those new bathrooms! Yes, bathrooms are essential for all human beings, and given that I am 68, it can become especially that much more important. As magical as the beach experience at Compo can be, without easy access to restrooms, the enjoyment and peace of mind is certainly less.

I also want to thank those responsible for the other improvements at Compo, including the heavy wooden railings running along the beach, in the adjacent parking lot, and on the lot off of Hillspoint. These fences not only work, but they are elegant and for all of us, whether consciously or subliminally, add a wonderful element to the Compo experience.

Same can be said for the fencing separating Compo from the Marina (a first-class very appealing job), all the sidewalks, and the plantings, such as the elegant separation using tall grasses by that Hillspoint lot and Hillspoint Road.

I do get great pleasure from the resources of Compo — paddleboarding off of Compo almost daily — and these improvements are not only functional, but so elegant that they further add significant pleasure to my enjoyment virtually every time I drive into the beach.

Thanks so much, and on behalf of all of us.

Rick Levin