In support of Joe Strickland

To the editor:

As a former alternate P&Z commissioner, I support the candidacy of Joe Strickland for a seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission. He is the most qualified candidate of anyone now sitting or running for the position.

Joe has been an active member of the community for over 35 years. He has been chairman of Westport’s Public Site and Building Commission and the Blight Board. Additionally, he has been a member of the board of the Westport Library and a member of its Building Committee during the extraordinary latest renovation.

Joe is a fair-minded individual who knows and has demonstrated how to properly and politely treat Westport’s residents in public forums. We need his experience and leadership.

Michael A. Nayor


Joe knows planning

To the editor:

Joe Strickland knows planning.

Westport could use someone that knows planning. If you don’t plan you can’t get where you want to go.

As a town, it’s unfair for our residents and those that want to make this place better to not know what the rules of engagement are. Joe Strickland has deep experience in establishing plans and specifically land-use plans (he’s the best qualified of all the P&Z candidates) and has a keen sense of utilizing the strengths of the P&Z staff rather than engage in spot zoning.

Joe will be a welcome addition to the Commission. On Nov 5, go with Joe — he knows planning.

Glenn Payne


Chao and Goldstein for Westport BOE

To the editor

When I found out that Lee Goldstein and Youn Su Chao were running for the Board of Education, a sense of relief came over me knowing that two fully capable and deeply caring individuals were willing to step in and tackle some of the most difficult issues our school district has had to deal with since I became a Westport resident a dozen years ago.

The stellar reputation of the Westport school district was the primary reason I moved here, knowing that I would be sending four children through the system. When my first child graduated from Staples in 2012, the reputation of the school could not have better and I saw firsthand how important leadership was in creating the best environment for my child.

Since that time, Westport schools have gone through many challenges and some issues have arose that really demand strong leadership from the Board of Ed. I am most confident that Lee and Youn Su are up to the task.

An open and honest assessment and a fresh perspective is what is needed to put the Westport school district back on firm ground and at the top of the list for best schools here in Connecticut. I believe Lee and Youn Su will take a pragmatic approach to the issues facing the district and will do what they believe is the absolute best for the district, because they care deeply about education and are not mired down by political or other special interests.

Doing what’s best for the children will be their only agenda and they have the intelligence and strength of character to get that done.

Joseph Mechanic