Letters to the editor

The Meddler

We have a villain in our midst. And he (she) probably thinks he is a saint.

Somebody has been repeatedly stripping political signs, all signs equally, from public places in Westport, at least in these spots: the island where Cross Highway leaves Main Street; the triangle between Canal Street and Kings Highway North. I have checked with the people in charge of these sites, and they are innocent.

This self-appointed town cleanup guy must think he is improving the appearance of his surroundings, but he is wrong. The chaotic turmoil of signs that springs up every other year in September is visible evidence of our democracy in action -- a heartwarming sight to most of us. If we did not have electioneering, we would be living under a dictatorship or a monarchy, one so severe that it did not even pretend to have fair elections. The sign-stealer is showing no gratitude for the governmental process that has, in its stability, brought him most of the comforts in his life.

Mr. Sign-stealer, you are a self-centered, vicious fool.

David Royce


To our fellow


A fun day was had by all this past weekend when the Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (WASA) held its inaugural Top Dog show at the beach. Westport's Top Dogs were announced after a fierce photo and essay competition in September. Congratulations to Otis Hammer -- our Top Dog -- whose picture will be featured at Town Hall this year (until next year's top dog is crowned). Please check out our Web site (www.westportwasa) to view photos and the essays submitted by Westport's Top Dog finalists. The money raised from the top dog competition and the dog show will be used for the renovation of the Westport Animal Control facility on Elaine Road (not the building on the Post Road) so that it may continue to be a no kill, responsive and compassionate facility dedicated to the care of homeless and lost animals found within Westport.

We would like to express our gratitude to the many supporters and sponsors of these events and hope we can continue to look to them for support: First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, BOF member Helen Garten, RTM Member Amy Ancel, RTM Member Cathy Talmadge, Deputy Chief of Police Dale Call, Kim Fiore, Joey's by the Sea, Westport Community Emergency Response Team, Westport Parks and Recreation staff with particular thanks to Dan DeVito and Stuart McCarthy, the Westport News, the Westport Minuteman, Channel 12 News with particular thanks to Lauren Collier, Steiner Memorabilia, Twins Sporting Goods, David Morico, Alex Paluch, Phyllis Groner, The Greenblatt Family, Smiling Tails, Le Creuset , Photo File, Longaberger Basket Company, Ridge Young, Don Bergmann, Lobels Meat, The Riegler Family, Janet Beasley, Red Barn, Creations by Betty Miller, H Salon, Jeanette Salfeety, Mike Loparo, Alan Puklin, Effi's Salon, Debbie Decarvalho, Schuloff Animal Hospital- Dr. C. Christian Benyei, Madison 88, Rugamoarole, Green Living Centre, Doggie Doo Not, Bedroom Matters, Geiger's Garden Center, Sitting Pretty, Passage East, Westport Wash and Wax, Strawberry Hill Animal Hospital, Earth Animal, Pet Suppies Plus, Great Cakes, Gold's Deli, Westport Coalition Against Puppy Mills, Colonial Drug, Choice Pet Supply, Westport Pizzeria, Westport Nails, many dedicated volunteers, residents of Westport and the surrounding communities that came out in support of WASA and Westport Animal Control and to all our wonderful dogs that show us each and every day the meaning of unconditional love.

Julie Loparo,

President, WASA,


Double standard?

I'm not from Westport, I live in Norwalk, but I have recently seen stories in the papers, online and on TV about how someone was apparently miffed that the Staples (female) cheerleaders were banned from baking for the (male) football players, and I couldn't believe how ridiculous some people are.

I honestly don't understand why the girls baking for the boys is somehow demeaning to the girls, yet the fact that there are girls cheering for the boys' sports, but no boys cheering for the girls' teams is somehow okay? Really, why is girls baking for boys bad but girls excitedly jumping up and down on the sidelines cheering for and idolizing those same boys just fine and dandy? I mean, I do understand that cheerleading is a varsity sport, but why then are there no boy cheerleading squads for the girls sports? Isn't that sexist and demeaning to the girls as well?

In all honesty, for the playing field to be truly level, Staples should either be required to completely ban all-girl squads cheering only for all-boy teams outright, or require all-boy cheerleading squads to cheer on the all-girl sports. Seriously, whoever objected to the baking can't have it both ways.

On a personal note, I can't tell you how upset I get by people who are not at all affected or involved with some innocuous activities that others are okay with but yet feel that they get to dictate to the rest of us what we can and can't do. If some folks (boys or girls) don't want to bake for the boys (or girls), then they should not, but they flat-out do not have the right to tell others (girls or boys) that they can't bake if they want to do so -- especially as it seems that the cheerleaders do want to bake for the football team.

Robert J. Sodaro