We can all have our own ‘whoops’ moments

To the editor:

The article in Friday, Sept. 28, 2018, page A3 titled “Political mailers could use an editor” — written by Kaitlyn Krasselt — makes her partisan political views quite clear. She is clearly a Democrat choosing to acknowledge the Republican candidates’ “faux pas” as she states.

Political participation is a great thing and I applaud it! Sadly, the climate has been to turn against opposing political views and to point out the errors instead of the accomplishments of one another. Perhaps we can work on working together and perhaps Kaitlyn should consider editing herself.

In paragraph six — “A story printed ...” — seemed to miss the editing block, stating, “Boucher said she met Bill in 2008 when she first rain for state Senate.” It is clear the word “rain” is supposed to be “ran,” and then she goes on to point out the editing mishaps of Heather Somers, R-Groton, with the end statement of a “Whoops.” I guess we are all imperfect humans and can all have our own “Whoops” moments.

I am no preacher and surely not so righteous, however, I feel it more important to spread good word, than to tear down others for their wrong words.

“For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye measure, it shall be measured to you again.” — Matthew 7:2

Christine Utter


Lavielle an important voice for state’s future

To the editor:

When Governor Malloy proposed last year to shift millions of dollars in teacher pension costs to the towns, state Rep. Gail Lavielle was among the first — and the loudest — to punch back against this unfair, and ill-conceived plan. I cite this as an example of Rep. Lavielle’s strong leadership, which is so important as Connecticut continues to struggle to get back on track.

Rep. Lavielle has consistently supported efforts to rein in spending and stop the predictable reliance on tax increases. She is a respected member of the Legislature, and an important voice in ensuring our state’s prosperous future.

Hella K. McSweeney


We need Gail Lavielle

CNBC used the term “business migration crisis” to describe the high number of businesses leaving Connecticut. This hardly comes as a surprise, since Connecticut leads most states in terms of taxation and over-regulation. It’s obvious to everyone — except apparently Hartford — that the situation is dire.

Gail Lavielle has long understood the need for an economic development policy that shows we are serious about tax and regulatory reform - and about restoring our business climate. Rep. Lavielle is serious about stopping businesses from leaving, and having new businesses choose Connecticut. With so much at stake, we need to re-elect Gail Lavielle.

Patricia Belote


Small business values matter in community

To the editor:

Last June was a bittersweet day for myself when we decided to close down our family business after 27 years. I can point to many variables of what caused us to close Crossroads Hardware: the Amazon/Home Depot effect, higher costs and changing lifestyle habits. If you don’t think the policies taxes and stifling regulations from Hartford have helped destroy small businesses like ours, and others throughout the state, you either are in denial or misinformed.

We closed our business, but something happened that I never expected was the tremendous outpouring of love, support and affection from our community. What I felt as a personal failure, was replaced by a thank you for being an integral part of the community. Crossroads was more than just a store. It was a place where people were treated as more than just a transaction. We created relationships, and those relationships blossomed into lifetime customers and friends.

We believed in and were true to our core values, and so does Sen. Tony Hwang.

Tony Hwang believes in those same values of commitment to community. Tony has fought for us against Gov. Malloy’s policy over the last eight years of extending unsustainable union contracts, higher taxes, and cuts to education and social services.

I know just by the outpouring of support for my family and our store from our community, that having small family businesses and meaningful relationships does matter to people. They do care about being a part of a community. To get some of this back, we need people like Tony Hwang back in Hartford with people who share a similar vision of community and growth rather then the “tax and spend” government we’ve had in Hartford. Please join me in voting for Tony Hwang.

Jimmy Izzo

RTM 3, Westport

Hwang — Compassion and caring

To the editor:

As a state employee working in the field of child protection for 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand how the adage “the more government does, the less it does well” rings true.

One outstanding example is that programs proven to prevent child abuse and neglect are insufficiently funded, partly because of the overwhelming expense of trying to manage its aftermath. As a result, more money is needed for programs to address the aftermath of abuse and neglect — increased rates of mental health and substance abuse issues and foster care payments.

Our state needs to turn that cycle around, but will only do so when we have a majority of caring leaders like our State Senator Tony Hwang, who are prepared to identify government’s top priorities and make tough choices.

Sen. Tony Hwang understands the importance of government focusing on its core priorities, including ensuring that our most at-risk and vulnerable are protected and that an effective safety net is available to our neediest citizens.

Sen. Hwang has fought for measures to improve school safety and ensure a productive educational environment for all our students. He increased the penalties to individuals who threaten our schools. He fought to restore educational funding to our school, despite proposed draconian cuts by Gov. Malloy.

Hwang has advocated for our seniors, disabled and veterans, by working tirelessly to maintain the Medicare Savings Program, support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and provide needed funding to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Tony Hwang has consistently served us as an independent voice for common sense governing and budgeting that adequately protects children and supports those in need while promoting a social, business and educational environment that enhances opportunities for all citizens. I am in full support of the re-election of Sen. Hwang.

Carolyn Signorelli

Sandy Hook

Does the GOP care about women?

To the editor:

Since last week, I have witnessed a bit of a reckoning on my social media pages and in my everyday life. Multiple women (and men) have come out to say they were the victims of sexual assault or domestic violence and that watching Brett Kavanaugh crying and sniveling reminded them of what their significant other would do after they hurt them.

I’ve seen politicians from the municipal, state and federal level come out and say this should never be tolerated behavior from anyone, let alone someone who has been nominated for the Supreme Court. However all of those politicians who have spoken out have been Democrats. I have not heard a peep from the Republican politicians, that includes Fairfield’s Republican representatives.

I was curious about this silence until something was brought to my attention. Last legislative session, Senate Bill 132 came up for a vote. The bill would have offered new protections against sexual harassment in the workplace. An amendment was voted on that would have drastically weakened the bill. The amendment was ultimately rejected, but I was very disappointed to see that Fairfield’s Sen. Tony Hwang and Westport’s Sen. Toni Boucher voted yes on that amendment.

Not only are our GOP representatives complicit, they are active participants in keeping victims of sexual violence silent and too afraid to speak up. Unless of course Sen. Hwang and Sen. Boucher can give me a better explanation for their vote.

The Republicans in Washington let the Violence Against Women Act expire on Sept. 30, so I already know where they stand on a woman’s worth, but I refuse to tolerate that level of apathy from my state representatives and I plan to vote accordingly on Nov. 6.

Leanne Harpin


Lavielle has my vote

To the editor:

Among State Rep. Gail Lavielle’s many legislative accomplishments is her sterling record in protecting the environment, which includes opposing many ideas that would have caused significant damage to our precious natural resources.

For the fourth time, Gail has been endorsed by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters for her leadership on environmental issues. She was cited for her protection of the public water supply, advocacy of public transportation and opposition to disposal of fracking waste in our state.

CTLCV does not hand out its endorsement lightly, yet Gail received this coveted stamp of approval. She has earned my vote!

Donna Harakas