For me the upcoming federal and state elections are about fundamental issues. Government spending outpaces revenues, the growth of well-paying jobs is anemic and government influence expands while individual freedom recedes.

Democrats help us feel comfortable. With more regulations and increased taxes we'll be fine. They're well intended and they're wrong.

We're in a battle with the rest of the world for well-paying jobs. Those jobs are the key to our society's viability. More regulations and higher taxes inhibit people from starting businesses in a highly competitive environment where most start-ups fail. We need people in government who understand that.

Dan Gilbert



It is imperative we return Gail to Hartford to continue the work she has begun.

With her leadership and expertise in the fields of finance, marketing and communications, Gail has already tried to help steer state government towards reducing the tax burden on its citizenry and help attract new business to Connecticut.

My fellow seniors and I should not be forced to relocte and leave our homes in Connecticut due to the unfair tax burden put upon us.

We need a voice in Hartford. Vote for Gail Lavielle on Nov. 6.

Rita Lener



Last year the state legislature approved a program that lets violent offenders earn "credits for good behavior," to be used toward an early release from prison. The Risk Reduction Earned Credit Program was passed, and since then, two prisoners who were released under this program have been charged with attempted murder.

How can our legislators think this is something Connecticut voters would want?

Luckily, we've got Gail Lavielle proving that there is still some common sense left in Hartford. Gail and her GOP colleagues spent time conducting hearings around the state, trying to draw attention to this ridiculous and dangerous program. In fact, Gail was very outspoken in support of a bill which would deny early release to any inmate whose crime caused the death of another person.

We need someone who fights to protect us. Gail Lavielle is that person and she deserves our votes.

Emily Humiston



I write to support Ted Hoffstatter to represent the General Assembly's 143rd District. I have come to know Ted Hoffstatter well in the years we served together on the Democratic State Central Committee. I have learned to respect Ted as a person well versed in government though his years of teaching young people social studies and what we once called "civics." I have watched as Ted has served three terms as a selectman in Wilton and listened as he has spoken of those tough budget decisions balancing fiscal necessities and social responsibilities. I have admired Ted as he has championed his environmental causes ranging from his opposition to Broadwater to his unwavering support of our precious waterways. Ted has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Connecticut Education Association. I am proud to add my own endorsement and my hope that you'll vote for Ted Hoffstatter Nov. 6.

Martha Aasen



This November as a resident of the newly redistricted 143rd House District I am supporting Gail Lavielle to be our State Representative, and I couldn't be happier. For the last year Gail has spent her time learning all about Westport, the issues that concern people and integrating herself into the fabric of our town. She is a member of the Sunrise Rotary, Friends of Sherwood Island, The Aspetuck Land Trust, Earthplace, the Westport Historical Society. She also sits on the advisory board of ITN Coastal of Westport. She regularly appears at town forums and various town meetings and functions to take the pulse of the citizenry and better understand what makes Westport unique.

Gail made tremendous efforts to reach out to residents of her new district long before the election cycle began. She sent a personalized letter to all households explaining the redistricting change and seeking input on any concerns. Gail has already held a session of "office hours" at Panera Bread, inviting all residents to stop in to meet her and tell her what's on their minds, and many did. Finally, Gail has already gone door to door to every house in the district, introducing herself and providing information and offers of assistance to residents. Hopefully you have had a chance to meet her and if you missed her visi,t she will probably be by again soon because that's the type of state representative she is.

Gail Lavielle may live in Wilton, but in my book she is already an adopted Westporter. We are fortunate to have her representing us in Hartford and I recommend we all vote to re-elect her in November.

Jeanne Harris



I have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan Steinberg on several Westport environmental initiatives. As co-chairman of the Septic Education Task Force, he was instrumental in designing and completing a septic survey, in which we discovered many residents were unaware they lived over an aquifer. He guided the committee in developing an education plan, which included a Staples High School rock video "Pump it Up Baby," a fun brochure and talks to the community. Jonathan, as a member of the League of Women Voters, also has engaged second graders in a conversation about water quality in a program called "What happens to water when it hits the ground?"

I have seen Jonathan at multiple Westport Green Task Force meetings, intently taking note of the status of various projects, such as the Westport Home Energy Challenge and Solarize Westport, volunteering to follow up with issues and doing so effectively and in a timely manner. As a member of the State Energy and Technology Committee he has gained insight into the value of energy efficiency programs for the community. He is a great advocate of sustainable energy, and is eager to see Westport and the state develop viable programs that both benefit the environment and are cost-effecitve. He is a quick study and demonstrates an ability to come up with practical solutions. He is an asset to Westport. I recommend that you vote for Jonathan, our environmental advocate.

Pippa Bell Ader

Solarize Westport

Westport Home Energy Challenge


Our selectman, friend, and neighbor Ted Hoffstatter was really there for this community during last year's storm. He wasn't on the computer; his family lost power. During the toughest night when the storm hit, he grabbed a shovel, climbed into his Jeep, and took to the streets to help many in this community who needed help digging out their cars stranded on the road side, or, in some cases, giving them rides home. In times of crisis, we can count on Ted. He fights for all of us. He takes public service very seriously. Please join our family in voting for Ted on Nov. 6.

Fiona Raci



What do manicures, dog groomers and yoga classes have in common?

Believe it or not, they were among many singled out for taxation last year by our Democrat-controlled state legislature. Under the stewardship of that legislature, Connecticut tried to close its budget deficit by cobbling together a patchwork of taxes that Democrats said would "spread the fiscal pain."

I for one have not forgotten that pain. Nor have I forgotten that Wilton's own Gail Lavielle was one of the few state legislators to work against the increased taxes. Gail helped write a budget alternative, in fact, that included zero tax increases.

Gail understands that our state is in dire need of an economic makeover. We need to change the way we do business. With Gail Lavielle on the job, we have reason to hope that an economic turnaround is possible. Gail has my vote.

L. Michael Rudolph



As a member of the Representative Town Meeting who served several terms with Jonathan Steinberg and as chairman of the RTM Environment Committee, I am pleased to note how fortunate Westport is to have Jonathan as our State Representative. Just some of his accomplishments in two years in Hartford relating the environment include:

Successfully fought to defeat efforts to repeal the state ban on pesticides on school grounds.

Supported the Coastal Zone Management bill; was appointed to the Legislature Shoreline Preservation Taskforce; and is a member of the bi-state legislative "Save the Sound" caucus.

Advisor to Green Village Initiative and to Wakeman Town Farm.

Helped craft language in a landmark Energy bill that led to "Lead By Example" program which has already saved the state millions annually in energy costs through energy conservation in state and municipal buildings. Add that he helped Westport secure DOT support for the solar panel installation at the Saugatuck train station which will power electric car charging stations and DEEP designation as one of four municipalities in the pilot Solarize CT program to encourage installation of residential solar arrays at below market electric rates.

Before his election, we shared co-chairman positions for the Septic Systems Education Taskforce, Jonathan working with dedication, thoughtful planning and just plain hard work, all at no cost to the town. I urge you to vote to return Jonathan Steinberg to the legislature.

Diane Cady