Letter to the editor: Town should think outside the box to protect residents

Town should think outside the box to protect residents

To the editor:

There is more congregation of people in Winslow Park and at local restaurants, including The Pearl at Longshore, but yet it’s only access to the beaches which are in wide open space near salt water that have become off limits to the rest of the Westport population. Walking and salt water strengthens the immune system, which we all need now.

Westport beaches do not belong only to Westport residents who can walk to them. I’m sure the residents that live adjacent to the beaches are quite pleased that they now will enjoy private beaches after complaining about the normal flow of people at the beach in the spring before stickers are issued.

No reason why applications for stickers cannot begin with use of the beach restricted to stickers ASAP. You only need to have one employee at a time in the office to process the applications.

The beach could be restricted to walkers for the time being and instead of having the police giving tickets for parking on the side of the road, ticket persons for sitting or congregating in crowds of more than four on the beach.

The town should think outside of the box to protect all of its citizens.

Wanda France