Letter to the editor: Make a statement, withhold your vote

Make a statement, withhold your vote

To Friends and Supporters,

Next Tuesday is Election Day. In Weston, most races aren’t races at all, with many candidates running unopposed. This is particularly significant in the race for first selectman.

Chris Spaulding, who has shown a complete disregard for the concerns so many of you share about placing a dog park at the environmentally sensitive Moore Property woodlands and who refuses to consider alternative sites, is guaranteed a new two-year term.

But, this isn’t just about the Moore Property. Under Spaulding’s “leadership” the BOS has shown a propensity to prioritize supposed amenity and expansion projects which threaten to forever change the character of Weston and cost taxpayers money. Money that could, for example, be much better spent fixing our horrendous roads, which are both a safety issue and a detriment to our already depressed housing market.

While we can’t defeat Spaulding, all of us can use the election to show our displeasure with him and his running mate Samantha Nestor, whose lock-step vote always ensures that Spaulding’s agenda is approved.

In contrast, Selectman Stephan Grozinger has been shown to be thoughtful, cautious and sensitive to the concerns of residents. He has publicly endorsed alternatives to the Moore Property. He has wisely voted against deer hunting on town property based on safety concerns. He has expressed his concern that Weston has exempted itself from complying with Planning and Zoning Regulations, one of only a handful of Connecticut towns to claim this exemption. This exemption has a potential direct impact on each and every resident in town, and Spaulding is counting on this exemption to execute his development plans.

What you can do: Next Tuesday, get out and vote. Vote your conscience and priorities. When you don’t agree with a candidate, and there isn’t an alternative, do not vote for them. Specifically for candidates Spaulding and Nestor, leave the circle on the ballot blank, but do cast a vote for Selectman Grozinger.

If enough of us do so, the discrepancy in the number of votes for each candidate would send clear signal that many residents do not agree with the priorities and agenda of the first selectman.

We can’t defeat First Selectman Spaulding this election, we can signal our displeasure and send a message.

Ellen L. F. Strauss