Letter to the editor: Climate change and voting accordingly

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Climate change and voting accordingly

We’ve all seen the news on television. Wildfires and hurricanes have battered our nation, causing thousands to lose their homes and dozens to lose their lives. These disasters have been exacerbated by climate change, which has directly led to larger fires and stronger storms. While the American people continue to suffer from these disasters, Trump and his allies in Congress have halted any progress on climate legislation, and even rolled back existing environmental regulations.

However, Democrats like Jim Himes have been fighting this rollback every step of the way. Jim understands the importance of protecting our environment, and has a long record of pro-environment votes to show it. He has pushed for a cleaner and more efficient energy strategy, voted for legislation to conserve public lands, and led efforts to protect the Long Island Sound. Jim’s work has even earned him a 95% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, a pro-environment group.

Without candidates like Jim, our nation would see an economic and environmental disaster. Climate change would continue to worsen our natural disasters, and our forests and beaches may not survive for future generations to enjoy. This election, I’ll be backing Jim Himes and the rest of the Democratic ticket, because our environment is the most precious resource we have.

Jacob Friedman, Westport