Letter to the Editor: Steinberg and Savin have the courage to take stands

Steinberg and Savin have the courage to take stands

I urge all Westporters to get out and vote - and elect Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin as our first and second Selectmen.

Westport needs selectmen who get things done. I support Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin because they are leaders with demonstrable achievements in governance. Over years of local and state public service, Jonathan has been instrumental in enacting legislation promoting public health and vaccines as well as protecting our environment through investment in renewable energy. Candice successfully steered the school district through the pandemic, keeping staff and students safe and the doors open. I trust them to do what’s right for all Westporters.

There is also the question of values, and there are clear differences between our teams of candidates. Jonathan and Candice have advocated for mask wearing in all indoor locations - even though that contravenes what our local gyms want; Ms. Tooker and Ms Moore refused to comment one way or the other. Jonathan and Candice have vocally defended our world class educators as they work to determine how the district can better serve each of our students; Ms. Tooker instead defended an anonymous website that makes bogus claims that our teachers are bigoted and that their work is secretive - despite all the meetings being open to (and regularly attended by) the public. Jonathan and Candice have the courage of their convictions, have the courage to identify with their party (Democrat), have the courage to risk taking stands.

Jonathan and Candice have the vision, values, and records of success to lead Westport. Please vote for them on Nov. 2.

Lee Goldstein, Westport