Letter to the Editor: Steinberg and Savin are the leadership our town needs

Steinberg and Savin are the leadership our town needs

I write to encourage everyone to vote for Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin in the Westport Board of Selectmen election.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed Jonathan and Candice in action and what I respect most is the courage and clarity of their convictions.

Jonathan fearlessly championed sound vaccine policy in the face of vocal and organized opposition, and Candice steered the school district through the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, navigating a complex and polarizing debate that led to a successful return to school.

Both Jonathan and Candice have consistently been clear and unapologetic about their values, especially with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion. When members of our community are “othered” or when positive work is called into question, they speak up in defense without hesitation, ambiguity, or fear.

This is the leadership our town needs and deserves. Join me and vote for Steinberg and Savin on November 2nd!

Youn Su Chao, Member of the Westport Board of Education