Letter to the Editor: Give us a sign

Give us a sign

We have heard an objection to the signs that our group, the Democratic Women of Westport, have posted around town. These signs, marked with our logo, read:

“We Believe in: Women’s Rights, Voting Rights, Social Justice. Vote Democratic!”

The Republican Selectman candidate believes in those things too, we were told. You can’t say ‘Vote Democratic’ if you believe in those things, because they are not the only people who share those values.

All we can say is that we would be happy to hear that the Republican candidates oppose the rash of severe restrictions on women’s health and the right to vote coursing through state legislatures right now — even being proposed in Connecticut. A public pronouncement from them that we all share a responsibility to foster a diverse and equitable society would be more than welcome. We want to see a commitment to these ideals in town halls as well as capitols.

But they have made no such pronouncements. Perhaps because they are not “local” issues or because they would alienate some of their voters, but we can only speculate.

Indeed, the signs they have posted don’t even reflect their party affiliation. Why? Is this an attempt to rise above partisanship or an indication of independent thinking or an attempt to avoid the baggage of their party? It certainly denies voters basic and accurate information about an election. So, Republicans candidates — for any office — if you share these values: Give us a sign.

Becky Martin, chair of Democratic Women of Westport

Jenifer Gorin, past chair of Democratic Women of Westport