Letter to the Editor: Democratic leadership will tackle our traffic problems

Democratic leadership will tackle our traffic problems

Who can help alleviate Westport’s traffic problems?

The answer is quite clear. Jonathan Steinberg can and will when he is elected on Nov. 2. Jonathan has advocated for our town directly to the DOT commissioner, but the person responsible for initiating the request to DOT is the first selectman. Unfortunately, we have not had a strong advocate for Westport in the first or second selectman's office for the past eight years. With Jonathan and Candice in Town Hall and our state senator, Will Haskell, chairing the transportation committee, Democratic leadership will tackle our traffic problems. Jonathan’s opponent at the Chamber of Commerce debate stated there is nothing to be done about the traffic on state roads, which is completely untrue, and she also stated she will form a “traffic advisory” committee to study the problems. I don’t think it takes a committee and studies to see and understand the problems of traffic in our town. We need a first selectman that does the job of selectman, and advocates for Westport, versus shirking the responsibility of fixing our problems. The Chamber of Commerce debate clearly showed that Jonathan is the leader with fresh ideas, the wherewithal to get things done, and most importantly the one candidate who will always advocate for Westport.

Michael Kaplan, Westport DTC member