With one side being almost complete, I have to say the new brick sidewalks look amazing. What troubles me is why do we have to remove the perfectly healthy trees in front of my office, up to and past Chase (the block from Elm to Avery)?

These trees can easily be worked around, and if you've ever seen them in bloom in the spring, they are amazing ...with their white blossoms, and when those blossoms fall, it looks like it is snowing!

How much are the new trees going to cost to replace these perfectly healthy trees? Why couldn't the tree warden say, "Keep these trees?”

I'm sure the contractor knows how to work around live trees, as this is NOT their first sidewalk deal. I'd love to find out why they can't work around these trees, and maybe put the money that the new trees would use to something useful, like maybe a few more benches along Main Street for shoppers.

P.J. Letersky