To the Editor:

I read in the Sept. 30 paper that Melissa Joan Hart is supporting Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket. I see she wants, “to break away from this two-party system, and I think it is important for people to know there is another candidate.” I wonder, though if she has read the libertarian platform that is the underpinning of his campaign. Does she agree with the following:

There should be no taxes.

Banks and other financial institutions should have no oversight or regulations.

There should be no minimum wage requirements — seemed to be social engineering.

Education should be fully under parent decision-making in a free market economy without interference from government (even though the Connecticut constitution requires providing education).

Social security should be abolished with the economically vulnerable relying on charity.

Members of private organizations retain the right to set whatever standards of association they deem appropriate, relying on free market solutions to reign in prejudices.

The free market alone will result in behavioral and technological changes requires to protect our environment.

While closely protecting the rights built into the second amendment, there should be no regulation of ownership, transfer or manufacturing.

Parents have no societal obligations in how they raise their children, as they should be allowed to raise children according to their standards and beliefs. For example if children are immunized, are well educated, use drugs at an early age for recreation….

I am just curious to know where she and other libertarians stand on such issues. Or is it merely that she supports the idea of a third party?

Jill Greenberg