Lisa Wexler gets my vote for probate judge. She is smart, compassionate, experienced -- having practiced probate law for 24 years in Westport -- and a student of constitutional law.

Lisa knows how to communicate with constituents. She used her popular radio show as a platform to teach and inform our community about domestic violence, Alzheimer's disease, mental illness, senior-citizen issues, estate planning, autism, foster care, learning disabilities, Downe's syndrome, aging, and grief. She has conducted thousands of interviews with premiere experts from all over the world to bring this information to our community and to allow our community to ask questions of these experts. She also has been helping people pro bono since 1984.

Lisa does not stop working at 6 p.m. She is active in several charitable and non-profit organizations for whom she lobbies in Hartford on behalf of the people she cares about.

With the daily rigors and responsibilities of probate judge, Lisa if elected would not accept new clients, she would open Probate Court at night on a regular basis to serve working members of our community and would conduct seminars on the duties and responsibilities of conservators and guardians

On Nov. 5, please vote Lisa Wexler for probate judge.

Francis R. Costello