I was shocked and upset when I read in this morning's New York Times (Saturday, April 11) that "a reclusive Long Islander" was the "main donor behind a network of four super PACs supporting Mr. Cruz that reported raising $31 million just a few weeks into his campaign."

Imagine $31 million when millions of children in our country live in poverty, and some in our own backyard. I am looking for one Westport business man or woman to donate just $100,000 to send 250 Bridgeport children to summer camp at Neighborhood Studios. Not only will they get a hot lunch, but they will also be enriched by exposure to music, dance and art programs for six weeks.

Or perhaps 100 Westporters willing to donate $1,000 each to our Adopt A Camper program. Just imagine helping a Bridgeport child to dream bigger, increase their literacy skills and empower them to be prepared for high school, college and career.

Donations can be sent to Neighborhood Studios, 391 East Washington Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06608, or visit the website www.nstudios.org.

Harold Levine

Chairman emeritus

Neighborhood Studios