The missing Malaysian Airlines plane is at longitude 102 east, latitude 17 south, west of Sumatra and deep beneath the Indian Ocean -- at the Wharton Deep's lowest point, 6,459 meters (four miles) down. The bad guys dove it in to save themselves a few moments of pain. This means the Flight 370 wreckage is in small pieces that sank straight. Easy to find.

The hijackers blew the cockpit door with plastic explosive. The flight crew allowed them to take over, expecting to stay alive. (Wrong.)

Why the Wharton Deep, a trench in the floor of the Indian Ocean? This little gang felt that previous suicidal hijackers had failed to achieve "the perfect crime." Others had dumped planes in the ocean, but the planes were always found. Land or sea, the black boxes always revealed the personalities of the clueless hijackers.

So, they agreed, let's do a hijacking that's perfect: the plane will never be found. No black boxes. They wobbled westward (just learning) and (we hope) found the Wharton Deep and its 6,459-meter nadir.

Go get that plane, guys. Maybe nobody important reads the Westport News, but when this hits the Internet it will explode.

Now would someone tell me why every airliner in the world isn't fitted with that (off-the-shelf) pop-out floater signal beacon in its tail? How dumb not to.

David Royce