You know, this is getting boring. Ever since Civil War troops brought their guns home as useful souvenirs, the aspiring thugs among us have insisted that our founding fathers meant them to carry heat.

The answer is forbidding pistol ownership and waiting for a Supreme Court willing to go along with that. Maybe the court is ready now.

Don't feel so smug, liberal Westport. Thirteen years ago, I brought the RTM an ordinance forbidding pistols at home, and our Representative (we must presume) Town Meeting whacked it down 35 to 0. Even the late Paul Newman, longtime resident and the voice of a radio commercial saying guns at home are a mistake, refused to speak for my bill because, he said, "I have a full plate." Next to his name under the note was typed, "Read but not signed, Paul Newman." He must have thought I was collecting autographs.

We've all got full plates, Paul. Full up to here. It's time to forbid pistols, and to wait a few decades until the millions of them out there rust out in their bureau drawers. But that law won't happen, because this is the land of the free and the dumb. We want more to be movie tough guys than to give up guns kept at home -- guns that not only kill school kids but kill more innocent people than car crashes and plane crashes combined.

So don't whine about Newtown. You chose it.

David Royce