We would like to raise awareness among Westport and other Fairfield County parents about an important issue.

Many kids are playing video games that have mature content that is inappropriate for their age. This is often because some parents don't understand the rating system. ESRB is the video game industry board that rates games.

The ratings are: EC early childhood 3+, E everyone 6+, E10+ everyone 10+, T teen 13+, M mature 17+, A adults 18+. When buying games online, parents can find the rating in the bottom left corner of the game thumbnail image and/or in the description.

In stores you should find it in the bottom left of the case. Parents please make sure to check the ratings when buying a game to make sure your kid(s) don't get exposed to inappropriate, mature and violent content.

Brendan McGinley, Julian Weng

Fifth-Grade Workshop

Kings Highway Elementary School