My friends and fellow citizens, I am calling on all of you to help yourself and your state by supporting the re-election of Gail Lavielle for State Representative in the 143rd District, which now includes a part of Westport. When I ran for the legislature last election in the 136th District I tried to make the case to everyone that Connecticut was in deep fiscal trouble and that we needed to change course quickly or we faced dire consequences.

Well, now it's two years later and it's hard to believe, but things have even gotten worse than I imagined possible. Our governor and Democratic-majority legislature have pursued policies that have pushed Connecticut to almost dead last in every measurable category of fiscal health. A crushing $1.5 billion retroactive tax increase, 70 new taxes on every conceivable type of business activity, enormous new spending increases, and onerous new and costly regulations on small businesses are sinking our State. It's so bad that Barron's magazine just rated Connecticut as the worst managed state in the country

Gail Lavielle has unceasingly fought against all of the wrongheaded fiscal policies of this governor and legislature. She supported an alternative no-tax-increase budget and other sensible fiscal strategies. Please support Gail Lavielle this election. Do it for yourself.

Nitzy Cohen