Letter: Vigil on the bridge nears milestone

Saturday, June 8, will be three days short of the anniversary of our peace vigil on the Post Road bridge.

We have been there for eight years. They have gone by very quickly. Time does speed up when you reach your 80s.

This vigil is lasting longer than the one we had during the Vietnam War. That was the first time I was arrested, with about 30 other women. We sat down on the bridge and blocked traffic on the Post Road one morning in the rain. We were protesting the order from President Johnson to bomb Cambodia.

It may be time to block traffic again if President Obama doesn't stop the drone attacks which inevitably kill civilian women and children.

We are supposed to be out of Iraq. We aren't. We are supposed to be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014. We won't be. Not totally.

The troops we leave behind in both countries are supposed to train the native population to provide safety for the people in those countries.

Have we been able to stop the daily terrorists bombing of our troops and their own people in Iraq or Afghanistan? No way! We have entered an era of evil that no logistical military system can fight. We are completely at the mercy of a force that can convince both men and women to become suicide bombers.

So we stand on our beautiful bridge, over the lovely river we are blessed to have in our town, just to remind people here who are safe that our beautiful young men and women in both countries are not safe.

If I were the mother of one of those kids killed in these insane wars, I think I would want to commit either murder or suicide. I could not live with that loss. Not one more mother should have to.

Estelle T. Margolis