The Veteran's Administration is now dealing with another devastating problem. They already have over 400,000 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They are on overload.

But this problem is not being solved by hospitalization and other care being given to our vets. This is a problem that has escalated to an unmanagable degree. This is a problem that they are not equipped to handle.

Returning veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate. In June, the Department of Defense reported an average of one suicide per day and 18 attempted suicides per day.

What have we done? Huge resources and money are now needed to begin to deal with this problem. The $300 million a day we are spending in Afghanistan would be a good start.

First we have to get everyone of our troops out of Afghanistan now, not 2014. By then, there will be many more deeply damaged and disturbed young people committing suicide. This must stop!

Estelle T. Margolis