Years ago, 27 in truth, I watched our daughter as Peter Pan in a Long Lots School production of that timeless show. The experience of course brought tears of joy to my eyes. This past weekend I attended the Coleytown Middle School production of Peter Pan. My eyes were just as moist.

My reactions to my first Westport Peter Pan were born of our daughter's involvement. My reactions of last weekend flowed from the incredible performances of the young people of Coleytown Middle School. The production was mind boggling, the scenery, the lighting, the sound system, the voices, the choreography and the acting were fabulous. The event was magical. The skills and stage presence of the major performers, starting with Peter, were out of this world. Yet, just as impressive were the actions of all who appeared on, over 70, and off the stage. All reflected qualities that belied their ages.

The dance numbers in the second act were particularly captivating, joyous, natural and performed as if they had worked together for months and months,

So, yes, there were many magical moments and many magicians. If I had to select just one Houdini, my vote would go to the director of Peter Pan, Benjamin Frimmer. However, I am sure if Mr. Frimmer learned of my characterization, he would quickly attribute all credit to the kids. Together they brought Peter Pan back to life for all of us. Thanks.

Don Bergmann