I am a licensed, geriatric-trained clinical social worker in private practice for many years in Westport. My work takes me into the region's Atria Senior Living facilities. Because they offer excellent services, I have been pleased to refer Westport residents to them when Westporters seek residential/assisted living.

However, it has always saddened me when a Westporter becomes frail and must leave their Westport doctor, dentist, shopping sites, friends, family to start over in another town in their advanced years. I cannot understand the logic of penalizing someone who has saved and been successful in their work by never allowing residential/assisted living for that segment of our Westprt population.

Atria Senior Living specializes in residential/assisted living and has developed a good model of care within their organization. Why would we want to turn to a firm that has not been providing those services successfully to develop the Baron's South property? True, not everyone in Westport is rich, but not everyone is poor either. Westport has no facility for those who love their town and can afford first-rate accommodations. A more balanced approach is preferable.

Channe Fodeman