Thank you Westport for your enthusiastic response to the "Tunnel Vision" installation, unveiled on May 29. This project was the opportunity of a lifetime for me to celebrate the sense of community and connection that makes Westport such a special place in which to live and create.

I am eternally grateful to Cathy Colgan, Peggy Travers, Lee De Monico and the entire Westport Downtown Merchants Association for approaching me with the project and for giving me total creative freedom, as well as their unflagging support. Many thanks as well to Win Properties Inc., Rick Yarmy, Scott Rochlin and his crew for doing the beautiful tunnel restoration and installation. Although it looks like flat images secured to the wall, they are backlit in 5" deep lighboxes embedded seamlessly into the tunnel.

Tunnel Vision was initiated almost a year ago, but perhaps the most critical operation was the installation of the images themselves into the light boxes only hours before the unveiling, and I owe our Town Curator Kathie Bennewitz, Fire Inspector and photographer Nate Gibbons, Liz Beeby and Michael Abrams a huge debt of gratitude for helping to make it happen so quickly and efficiently.

Tunnel Vision was designed to be not only a physical journey from point A to point B, but an emotional journey as well, through a display of 16 animated lenticular portraits of diverse couples holding hands, expressing their love, vulnerability, memories, and sense of connection. A universal statement of our shared humanity embedded within the bricks and mortar.

Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to these 32 generous individuals whose hands brought Tunnel Vision to life. All are acknowledged, and pictured on You will also find some behind the scene photos of how the project evolved, and a section on the First Night mural which was previously on display in that space.

At the end of the day, the light at the end of tunnel is you, Westport!

Many thanks!

Miggs Burroughs