We (members of the Westport Tree Board) read Mr. Letersky's letter in the Aug. 21 Westport News and wanted to clarify a few things for the benefit of the public.

The pear trees outside of Mr. Letersky's office are going to be replaced because they will not survive the underground excavation on Main Street.

Unfortunately, the root systems of the trees will be severely and unavoidably damaged. We do our best to save trees when the outlook for their long-term health is good, like the trees outside J Crew.

In addition to the project on Main Street, we have planted trees on Jesup Road across from Matsu Sushi, on Veterans Green, at schools and several other locations around town.

We thank Mr. Letersky for giving us the opportunity to address this and trust that he will be pleased with new “Princeton” American elm trees. Trees really do matter; they enhance our Main Street and the entire town with year-round beauty we all can appreciate.

Karen Kleine

for the Westport Tree Board