Transportation has been a central and critical component of Westport life for decades. Whether commuting to work via I-95, the Merritt or Metro-North, navigating the lack of downtown parking and the congestion or getting around with Westport Transit's commuter shuttle and door-to-door services, transportation affects every citizen of Westport.

However, Metro-North delays and safety issues, chronic I-95 and local traffic and growing transit-related environmental, health and safety concerns raise the stakes and risks for each of us. These issues are complex and require hands-on, transit-smart leadership. It is this kind of leadership and state/local transit expertise that Rep. Jonathan Steinberg has brought to the citizens of Westport.

As chairman of the Westport Citizens Transit Committee, I have worked closely with Rep. Steinberg and I have been impressed with his know-how and teamwork approach. Most recently, he worked with a bi-partisan group of state and Westport officials to restore the canceled after-school shuttle service until year-end, buying time to execute a new plan for the future. Tackling tough and complex issues and getting things done is how Rep. Steinberg works.

Rep. Steinberg is an effective leader for improved transit services (and much more) for Westport's citizens. It is his dogged persistence, tactful leadership and bipartisan approach to Westport's transportation challenges that makes him such a valuable asset to Westport and the Connecticut General Assembly. Let's keep Rep. Steinberg on the job and re-elect him in November as our state representative from the 136th District. He has my vote.

Jim Ross, chairman

Westport Citizens Transit Committee