Some years ago, when Elvira's Deli & Pizza ran into financial difficulty, the neighborhood (and some others) gave her money to help over the rough period. A very nice community gesture to support a friendly, local business.

Now, because new construction in Elivra's neighborhood has presented a business opportunity for mobile food vendors to supply coffee-break and lunch provisions for the workers, Elvira's owners want the town to bail `em out again -- this time at the expense of other food vendors who also are trying to make a go of it.

The town should stay out of this. If the mobile vendors better serve the workers (less time spent getting, equals more time spent resting and eating) then so be it.

It is not, nor should it be, incumbent upon the town to limit competition by disallowing mobile vendors within a certain distance of Elvira's; thereby inconveniencing the construction workers by forcing them to spend more of their allotted break and lunch time going to the store when the store can now come to them.

Perhaps Elivra's could conjure up an expanded line of goods that are not supplied by mobile vendors, so that, rather than mimicking mobile food vendors, they mimicked a good, neighborhood grocery store.

Now, that would be a community service.

Daniel Katz